An oil painting of the Hudson Valley with a rainbow, by Robert S. Duncanson

Landscape with Rainbow, Robert S. Duncanson


February 20th 2021


In 1613, before the official start of American slavery, Juan Rodriguez, an explorer and man of African descent from La Española , would step foot on Hudson River Valley soil to have the first effective interactions between local indigenous people and Dutch settlers. Unbeknown to Rodriguez, a free man, this would be the advent of a complicated yet enduring and impactful black history. In our premiere episode, we explore narratives of the past such as African American Revolutionary War veteran Andrew Frazier, vaudeville sensation Bob Cole, cabaret singer Mabel Mercer and more, to understand the bedrock of the contemporary African-American community which has played an integral part in development and beauty of this region.

Reggie Madison stands in a sunlight lit empty room

Guest Reggie Madison