The Tenth Radio

Fridays, 7-9PM

Hosted by Tenth Magazine Editors and Hudson community-members Khary Septh and James Powell, The Tenth Radio will feature weekly shows that think critically and conscientiously about how politics, technology, activism, education, and all the things, intersect contemporary Black queer identity.

"One Night Only" DJ Sets

Fridays, 9-11pm

A soundscape to travel the long winding journey of each episode The Tenth Radio with, courtesy of some of the world's most dynamic creators and movers and shakers. What good are contributions to history and the sciences and the arts without a soundtrack through which to live and understand them? You're welcome.

Citizen H (For Hudson)

Starts May 8th, Saturdays, 7-9PM

As Hudson and the surrounding area is experiencing rapid socioeconomic change, in order for that growth to be positive and inclusive, we must know the history of our city and be culturally inclusive of all our residents. Citizen H focuses on the stories and concerns of our local community, with a special focus on local artists, makers, activists, farmers, organizers, entrepreneurs, educators, and more.

Mixed Media

Starts May 15th, Saturdays, 11AM - 1PM

Join young writer Picasso Moore as he covers zeitgeist, sex, intersectional queer subculture, pop stars, internet phenomenons, politics, his essays, books, television and film, youth at the dawn of an apocalypse, and the myriad things he says, "I should probably be speaking to a therapist about." It’ll be a mess, it’ll be quick, it’ll be smart, and it’ll be live. Episodes will feature Picasso and a myriad of guests.